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Confessions Of Embarrassed Grant Writers

Sometimes grant writers feel embarrassed. I know because I’ve been there myself. It might be as simple as feeling ashamed that you don’t know as much about the grant writing process as you think you should and you’re tentative to ask any questions. It could also be that you don’t know where to look to […]

One Easy Step To Finding New Funding Opportunities

Grant writers tell us all the time that one of their biggest frustrations is the difficulty they have in tracking down new funding opportunities for their organization… especially funding programs that are a fit for their specific project. We understand this is a big challenge, and want to provide you with an idea that absolutely […]

8 Great Ways To Thank A Funder

You’ve been awarded funding following the review of your latest grant proposal. You can now move forward with an innovative program that will significantly impact your clients, and you want to say thank you to your funder. How do you do it? Do you have one go-to style or way to thank a funder? What […]

3 Myths About Applying To Family Foundations

In one of our very first blog posts, “The 3 Types Of Funders To Approach For Your Next Project,” we identified private foundations as one of three types of funders. As a type of private foundation, family foundations are very common, but often not very well known. And while there are thousands of family foundations across Canada, it […]