How To Ensure Your Grant Budget Tells The Right Story

How To Ensure Your Grant Budget Tells The Right Story

Whether you are a “numbers person” or not, the prospect of sitting down to complete the budget for your latest grant proposal isn’t a task that most get too excited to begin. It can be difficult to forecast the actual cost of a program you have never run. It can be frustrating to know what […]

Grant Review Process

Everything You Need To Know About The Grant Review Process

Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall as funders review grants? It must be incredibly difficult to actually make the decision about which organizations will be awarded a grant. There are so many incredible programs, and so many communities that would benefit. So, what are funders looking for when they review […]

3 Grant Writing Myths That Are Limiting Your Success

3 Grant Writing Myths That Are Limiting Your Success

Believing grant writing myths is a dangerous and potentially costly mistake for you and your organization. Let me tell you why. It was grade 9, and I liked an older woman… she was in grade 10 (she seemed old) and definitely out of my league. I had noticed her during an after school event and […]

Grant Writing Collaboration

Grant Writing And Collaboration: What You Definitely Need To Know

More and more these days, funders are looking to invest in collaborative efforts ranging from the intensely structured “Collective Impact” approaches to a simple requirement that there be partners involved. While working independently can allow you to be more streamlined and reduce the headaches of obtaining multiple signatures, conducting endless meetings, and considering different approaches, […]

Report Writing

5 Ideas About Report Writing That Funders Really Want Grant Writers To Know About

In my previous work as a funder, I always looked forward to seeing progress reports and final reports. Report time provided an exciting opportunity to celebrate the success of the projects that organizations had worked so hard to implement. It also proved to be a time that strengthened our relationships with agencies, as we took […]