Writing Your Story

5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Writing Your Story For A Funder

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to tell stories. As a kid, I told stories mostly in an effort to make people laugh. Any story where an armpit could make funny noises or a kid falls in the mud was a good story (don’t judge me). But I had no idea, […]

Classic Grant Writing Mistake…The “Over-Promise”

You’ve probably experienced the “over-promise” and “under-deliver” dilemma at some point if you’ve ever been a consumer. The most recent for me came when our family thought it was a great idea to purchase a “robot vacuum.” It was going to solve ALL the vacuuming frustrations in our home. It was going to save us […]

Insight from funders

Ask The Experts: Amazing Insight From Funders At GrantsEdge Live

Have you ever been so excited you could barely sleep? That’s how I felt on Sunday night, in anticipation of GrantsEdge Live, our two-day grant writing training course. I couldn’t wait to meet the incredible people, from a wide spectrum of organizations, who had signed up to learn the step-by-step formula to write winning grants. […]

Road Map To Evaluation

The Definitive Road Map To Evaluation

Have you ever been on an epic road trip? I have, and I’ve loved every one of them. The planning, the adventure, the learning – it’s exciting, scary, and humbling all at the same time. Evaluation is no different. Just like a road trip, evaluation gives you new stories to tell, new memories to share, […]

A Halloween Story: Turn Meetings With Funders From Scary To Successful

A Halloween Story: Turn Meetings With Funders From Scary To Successful

Jimmy was seven and had heard stories for years about the scary old man on Sycamore Street. It was Halloween night, and Jimmy and his friends stood at the end of the long driveway leading up to the old man’s run down house. “I dare you to ring his bell Jimmy”, said Stewy, always looking […]