That Time We Set Out To Create The Best Grant Writing Resource Ever

Do you ever lay awake at night dreaming about something big? And we don’t just mean your run-of-the-mill thoughts at the end of a day or how you plan to get rock solid abs in just four weeks. No, we’re talking about something REALLY big… a game changer of an idea!

For the last two years, the team at Kovacs Group has been doing that kind of dreaming. That lay-awake-staring-through-the-darkness kind of dreaming. Over time, we moved from dreaming to planning, researching, asking questions, and listening to our community.

Here’s What We’ve Been Dreaming About

From our work in the social sector, we knew grant writing was a major frustration for non-profits and charities. And we tried to help. We taught short workshops about grant writing that were attended by hundreds of people and we wrote grants that secured millions of dollars for organizations. But it wasn’t enough. We wanted to do more. Much more.

We wanted to make grant writing easier, quicker, and much less stressful. We also wanted, whatever we decided to create, to be available to the hundreds of thousands of incredible people who work in the non-profit and charitable sector in Canada, from Victoria to Yarmouth, and all the amazing communities in between.

Let Us Introduce You To GrantsEdge

We’re finally ready to share GrantsEdge with you. GrantsEdge is not your average resource. We’ve built it, and continue to build it, so it’s the only resource you’ll ever need to write grants that get funded. We believe that anyone can become a grant writing superstar, even if you’ve struggled with grant writing in the past.

 So What Can I Expect From The GrantsEdge Blog?

  1. It’s Free – And Who Doesn’t Like Free? Our intent with the GrantsEdge blog is to provide you with free resources and information to make grant writing easier. Having worked in the non-profit world ourselves, we know that finances can be scarce at times. So we want to provide you with as much insight and as many tools as possible, for free.
  2. It’s Relevant And Actionable. We believe that information is great, but action is what really makes a difference. Each blog post will provide you with relevant content that you can put into practice immediately. Each week, we’ll cover different topics, provide fresh insights, and give you access to content and templates you won’t find anywhere else.
  3. It’s A Group Effort. Through each blog post, you’ll hear from, and get to know, the different members of the GrantsEdge team. Check out “Our Story”  to see who we are. Each member of the team brings diverse experience and expertise, speaking from the perspectives of grant writers and funders. Together, we’re committed to helping you become successful in grant writing, and this will be one of the ways for us to connect with you on a regular basis.
  4. It’s Consistent. We plan to publish new content on a weekly basis. Every Friday, we’ll have a new piece of content ready for you. If you have questions you would like us to answer through a blog post, be sure to let us know! We also recommend that you sign up to get our blog posts sent directly to your inbox. That way, you’ll never miss a post.
  5. It’s Delivered In Different Ways. To begin, we’ve used written posts. However, we know that people learn in a number of different ways. That’s why, very soon, we will begin to incorporate videos, webinars, and podcasts into our blog. We’ll not only share our own experiences and expertise, but plan to interview funders and granters.

We’re So Glad You Found Us!

We’re thrilled you’re here! We look forward to serving you through the GrantsEdge blog and helping you become a more confident and successful grant writer. We can promise one thing for sure – grant writing will never be the same.

Check Out What Else GrantsEdge Has To Offer

From live training events, to coaching, to a funders database (coming soon!), GrantsEdge has much more to offer. We know when you write awesome grants, funders notice, your grants get funded, your community gets better, and you become a grant writing rockstar – everyone wins!

Don’t Keep Us A Secret. Tell Everyone You Know!

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